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Poetry by Kevin C. Pearce

Kevin C. Pearce was a gifted writer who expressed himself in his poetry. Kevin died on February 9, 2020 at the age of 43. His writing is the legacy he leaves for his family, friends and the universe.

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True Freedom

Move past time

Past the individual self

It's out of style now

Begging to be forgotten

See past it

Move past it

Find the place with no limits

A world brand new

An endless ocean of pure imagination

Thoughts hit like tidal waves

Ride the currents of bliss

Find that perfect elixir

that renders time useless

All channels set to meaning

in its purest form

the heart of everything


Prison flesh abolished

Everything is attainable


We are human tuning forks

vibrating to our own frequencies

searching for the rhythm and the pulse

of the universe

the peace of mind

we're looking to find

the occasional perfect moment

to prove we're not blind

so I accept my flaws

and their probable cause

because in the last place to dream

there can be no laws

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